Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm 30

Today's my birthday and I turn 30 years old...


Blogger Rod said...

What the hell.. Ain't noone going to sing "Happy birthday"?..

I wish you all the best in the year to come, and may each next one bring even more fun, until you end up in geometric series of joy!

Your bitsy comments on our life and your weird drawings made a lot of my days brighter, and i'm sure i'm not alone to say this.

Long life, Sirkowski, may our base be belong to you!

Greets from Siberia, btw :B

10:19 AM  
Blogger K-2 said...

Happy birthday, mate! Hoping you have a great birthday with a lot of presents and so on.


A venezuelan in Italy

10:38 AM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Siberia, Venezuela and Italy??

Thanks! :)

8:02 AM  

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