Saturday, January 07, 2006

Advice to Sirkowski (hilarious)

This is some hilarious shit.

On a thread of the Liberal Avenger blog, a religious-conservative troll asked: Is nothing sacred? To which I replied: I hope this answers your question, with a link to this comic strip.

To which the troll replied:
John Says:

P.S. Sirk, ya got talent (I was a cartoonist, too, incidentally, for my university newspaper).

But your iconoclastic and extremely-irreverent humor is decidedly too offensive for mainstream family fare, in poor taste, and blasphemous, suitable only for toilet reading and chuckling in grotto bathrooms.

(I don’t even think it would be suitable for a mainstream adult publication like Playboy).

I’m not saying that to put you down but in recognition that you have real talent and, with the death of giant Charles Schultz, if you could find it in yourself to give your satanic humor an ablutive baptism and make your Margaret Cho character say stuff more along the lines of what Lucy Van Pelt would say (which really wouldn’t require a drastic recharacterization so much as a return to wholesome innocence), you would find a mainstream market that would gladly syndicate you.

I look forward to the day when I see your strip in the Sunday paper betwen Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes.

Blackie = Margaret Cho?? HAHAHA! That one killed me.
Man, I never brag about being a professional (because there's not much to brag about), but in that case, I had to make an exception. I can see that guy telling Robert Crumb, maybe you'd be more succesfull if you stopped drawing these women with big butts. ROFL
I look forward to publishing in the Sunday church bulletin too, buddy! *snort* hahahaha! Too fucking funny... XD


Blogger zauddelig said...

mmm the strip is really a little stupid, sorry but it isn't funny, and stupid blasphemy is really sad...
But the trool is to extreme and stupid in his reply...
however who is Margaret Cho??

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Tomas (From Australia) said...

meh... Take this shit in jest, I say! Wonderfully Blasphemous! GIVE US MORE! XD

Take me for example, I'm religious yet not one thing of this nature offends me, you're completely entitled to your own opinion and if people don't like it, then don't bloody-well read it!

me, I love it, I may not agree with it but I found that Laughing at most things make the world a better place, well done Sirk!

from a fan,

PS: Your comics should put you ABOVE calvin & Hobbes, Garfield and the like, just with a disclosure above saying "This comic newspaper can no longer be viewed by little children and big Babies, so go fuck right off to the crosswords..."

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Just going over the "best of" now that I've foind this. That's the funiest lame joke I've heard!

4:58 PM  
Anonymous JohnnyDarko said...

Nope, nothing is out of criticism, infallible, etc
Nothing is sacred.

11:26 PM  

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