Monday, April 16, 2007

The Genesis of the Pu Sisters

Someone asked me where the idea for the Pu Sisters came from recently on the forum. Since the answer was pretty detailed, I thought I could share it here.

The Pu Sisters' creation is peculiar. For year, I don't remember how I got the idea, I thought it would be funny to have two characters named Pu Tang and Pu Nani. That's where the concept stopped for years, two name puns.
Sometimes, when this pun would came back to my mind, I kept thinking that as good and original a joke can be, eventually, someone's gonna have the same idea. And when that happens, since you haven't exploited your concept, well it's too late, there's nothing you can do. The worse thing you can do with a good idea is to sit on it for too long. (For exemple, wasn't the airplane invented almost simultanously by the Right Brothers and some Italian guy? Not really on the same level as the Pu Sisters, just an exemple. ;-p)

Things changed when Tom Fulp talked about maybe making a Miss Dynamite video game last year (A new game, not the first side-scroller project that was aborted long ago.). I didn't want the game to be about celebrity killing. I wanted an all Miss Dynamite cast. And since I lacked "know" female characters, it was a good opportunity to create the Pu Sisters. I've created many characters over the years, but very few are known to the general public. Most of them are crap I created in high school anyway. So later, since there was no new devellopment with the video game and the characters were already created, I was just as well to use them in the anime.

Now as far as the characters themselves. I know some asian cultures put the family name first, like in China (Unless I'm mistaken?). So the same first syllables of Putang and Punani could be their family name. They would be asian, but I didn't want them to be Chinese or Japanese so they would be different enough from Blackie (especially the eyes). So I opted for a South-East asian look.
Dunno if I did good since some people think they're black. (that pic has nothing to do with the Pu Sisters, except the name of the picture is "Pu Sisters", just a funny coincidence.) Their exact country of origin is still unknown. They could be Malaysian, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Filipino, etc. Same goes for their religion and their origins. So then I decided they could be a sort of inverted image of Eva and Blackie. A bosomy asexual angry bitch and a small chested sex maniac. But that probably lacked a bit of originality since they would basicaly be Eva & Blackie negative clones. So I kept Pu Tang with big breasts, but made her more serious than Eva, more focused, professional. And unlike Eva & Blackie, I made the Pu Sisters care for each other, because I knew everyone would think of lesbian incest. XD So I made small chested Pu Nani the kid sister brat the serious Pu Tang could look after. And I didn't make Pu Nani a pervert since she was young and uh... that would be wrong. XD I also don't know what's Pu Nani's age. I created her as the youngest sister. She seems to be 'develloping'. I didn't know how young Mizura could sound in the voice acting, which made her sound even younger, which I liked. The contrast is even better. I guess she could be an early teen?

That's pretty much it for now. I think it's the first time I create characters so fast. Them and Sister Wulfia Focka.


Anonymous v2 said...

U could do a small ep whit Pu Sisters, like a simple.They ever appears whit eva and blakie but they never appears acting togheter (Tang and Nani). I would like to see they relaycionship like sister

sry bad english -_-"

4:51 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Well there was a little interaction in episode 22, with Nani being a crybaby to get her sister to tell Eva to fuck off.

They will be back in episode 23 anyway. =)

5:50 PM  
Anonymous AlphaFactor said...

Heh heh. So, are they good guys or bad guys?

10:54 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

I don't think that kind of manichaeism exists in the Miss Dynamite universe. =)

11:26 PM  
Blogger Sonicdude135 said...

My only question is where you got the names? Cause I know the whole putang and punani joke ever since the movie "Bubble Boy"

or atleast I know one of the names was in the joke. the second half of the other name always got censored. (I think it was putang that got cencored)

3:39 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

I dunno about that, I never saw Bubble Boy.

They're just old slang terms for vagina. I dunno about putang/poontang, but punani seems to originate either from Hawaii or Jamaica.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Sonicdude135 said...

well I wont suggest seeing it. the jokes were hit and miss and an overall waste of time.

But yeah thats the first time I ever heard those slang terms used for characters.

12:33 AM  
Blogger Sonicdude135 said...

either way. I still love these characters of yours. Still cnat say why though..... =P

12:34 AM  

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