Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comments allowed in gallery

Godamit, I've been looking for something like this for the past two months, ever since I got banned from DeviantArt. Sure, I have my own gallery, but people couldn't post comments. I tried to install plugins to my gallery program that would allow comments. But they all required MySQL editing. I tried on my own and I sucked, then I searched around for people that could help me (thanks to Pr0ntab for at least trying), then I needed to get a hold of the owner of my webspace, which isn't easy. So basicaly, in two months, as much as I tried (I wasted an entire day last month for that), I did squat!

Until today, when my friend KpAnime found this nice little PHP script that logs comments, without the help of MySQL. After two unsuccesfull tries, I thought I had wasted my time again (I was supposed to go to the bank, oops!), she finally was able to make it work and guided me through the process. So now, if you check the gallery, you will find you can now post comments!

I will not put comments on all the older pics, that would mean too much editing.
As far as new fanarts go, I'm not sure if I will allow comments on all pics, or only on individual pics when artists requests so.

Thanks KpAnime!


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