Monday, May 28, 2007

Is Tinky Winky gay? Poland is on the case! UPDATED

You forgot Poland! The Polish government will investigate wether or not the purple Teletubby is gay. This ain't a joke.
"I noticed (Tinky Winky) has a lady's purse, but I didn't realize he's a boy." said Ewa Sowinska, government-appointed children rights watchdog.

"At first I thought the purse would be a burden for this Teletubby ... Later I learned that this may have a homosexual undertone."
Don't they have light bulbs to skrew instead?
UPDATE: Ewa Sowinska is backing off and won't investigate Tinky Winky anymore. Looks like worldwide public ridicule paid off.


Blogger Heather said...

Actually, a boy with a purse implies transvestitism and possibly transsexualism. Maybe Tinky Winky feels he's a woman inside.

I don't even know why teletubbies would even need accessories.. they don't wear clothing. Oh well.. That is a pretty creepy show either way..

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Ori said...

They're still on that, when they should be shutting it down because most one year-olds are already too smart for that shit? Get your fucking priorities straight, people- or at least go after children's characters who have better cases for being flaming homosexuals, like Spongebob Squarepants or Ron Weasley!

4:04 PM  
Blogger Asteroid said...

Ori I think you've been hitting the shrooms just a little too hard lately.

Spengbob is still a children's program and despite outward appearances Ron Weasley (even though I'm no fan of Harry Potter) is no homo. Stray away from the badly-written horrors of, and settle down with some real reading material. Like maybe Michael Ende or Kurt Vonnegut. :)

And anyway, most one year olds are still young enough to be distracted by the pretty colors and odd noises. Like watching foreign porn.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Lexi said...

Wow, that's like opening a can of worms that came from out of nowhere. This is the crap that gives children identity issues in the first place. For fuck's sake, there's not much explained about the tubbies except that they're alien babies from outter space who run and play games all day. If one of them just happens to be gay in writing, it certainly wouldn't make it the worst preschooler show on TV.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Ori, the Teletubbies are cool. Remember, they sacrificed their lives to save Eva and Blackie from Scary Spice in episode 10 (?). lol

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Ori said...

Oh yeah... they did, didn't they? That was cool... I need to watch MD again.

That's what I like most about you, sirk- most sites I go to, I say off the wall shit like mixed in with my point, and you almost always get it. Though sometimes I'm completely out of it, been prone to that since I broke my back.

For Asteroid, I was making fun of those sad little people who say shit like that and mean it. A lot of my humor is making fun of people who say things like that and mean it by doing embellished versions of them- kinda like Bill Hicks and Dennis Leary did. In reality, I'm too laid back to really hate anything- I bitch about it for a few days if it irritates me, then I wonder why I ever cared in the first place when it's all out- some things, like Bush, I get a new reason to complain faster than I get it out, but even then, it's just being irritated enough to complain.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Kelve said...

Tinky Winky is gay!!! Mr Giertych and Kaczynski brothers will prove it!!! But this is not the end. soon Polish crsade to purify the world from all homosexuals will take care of the rest of you!!!

But seriously the more I hear about what Polich goverment is doing the more I'm ashamed that I live in Poland :( But on the other hand what do you exect of a goverment which is mainly supported by neo-facist and radical catholic organisations? I'm just happy that there are only 2 years left till new elections. If PiS(Law and justice - a party with majority in the parliment) wins those elections Im going to a country which respects human rights a little more like North Corea or Iran XD

5:02 AM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Just don't go to Khazakstan. XD

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While they are at it, they should order all TV channels to replace Teletubbies by porn (Just make it look like an accident in the hope that people are stupid). Just for good measure. Seriously, after hunting communists, are the gays next?

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Direwolf said...

Youd think if its such a big deal they would just rewrite the story like they did with sailor moon in north america and make the gay characters straight or in teletubbies case just make the blob a girl. Btw do teletubbies even talk?

1:16 AM  
Blogger Asteroid said...


The player character in the old shareware game Castle of the Winds has a purse!

Does that make him gay, too?

*note that the purse is actually used to carry money and nothing else, and that the player can if so desired choose a female avatar, though the game differs so little from choosing the male avatar that it isn't worth noticing.*

7:28 AM  
Anonymous markot said...

it's nor new, nor Polish idea. there were a lot of "Tinky winky cases" already. ex.

2:01 PM  

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