Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pu Tang sketch + commercial illustration

Last Thursday I drew a sketch of Pu Tang for Jack Ruttan during the Comic Jam at the Café Utopik (near Berri/UQAM). He scanned it and I colored it quickly in Photoshop today.

Also an illustration (and the correction) for the ad campaign of the summer activities on St-Laurent boulevard. I only had an after-noon to come up with a sketch from the ad agency's (Espresso Com & Design) instructions on Wednesday. The final needed to be done before Friday morning. And on Monday I had only 3 hours to make the corrections. My main problem was the size of the file, 36"x24" at high resolution. The .Psd file was around 150mb and it would take 3 minutes to save (and I have a good computer). There should be a bunch of posters in the streets; I'll try to take photos. If you check the promotional website, there should be a quick "animation" (banner on the right) they made by recycling part of the poster. XD


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So that's what the powerpuff people were for. Holy unexpected developments, batman! Mm, well thanks for sharing.

7:53 PM  

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