Friday, October 05, 2007


Will Stamper from Newgrounds made some cool Miss Dynamite wallpapers (here).
Fun fact - Sirkowski draws all his girls super MEGA naked - THEN adds clothes on TOP. I'M CEREAL - you can totally open up the source for ANY one of his movies or drawings and totally FOR CEREALLY hide layers to remove shirts and mega steaming hot bras and panties and stuff. Working with his raw artwork over the past few days has introduced me to parts of Eva and Blackie that are ILLEGAL IN AT LEAST 18 COUNTRIES. PLUS...a TON of his drawings have even MORE psychotic layers - so when you get tired of looking at buckets and buckets of steaming hot radical super hot naked tits and vaginas and stuff, you can start removing layers of SKIN, MUSCLES AND BONES...AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, YOU'RE STARING STRAIGHT UP EVA'S UTERUS AND WONDERING WHY SIRKOWSKI SEEMINGLY TOOK HOURS TO SHADE HER FALLOPIAN TUBES WITH FREAKISH REALISM WHEN NOBODY WILL EVER SEE IT WL;KJE2
You can praise Will here.


Blogger K-2 said...

I'm still laughing!! :D

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Tainted Ink said...

Those are awesome wallpapers. I wonder if they'll ever make any Reiko ones.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anders said...

Finally something to replace the wallpapers I lost on my old PC.

6:24 PM  

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