Monday, May 19, 2008

Miss D Collab: Music Video?

Pondering about the Miss Dynamite Flash animation collab. A movie with no dialogues would be easier to organize. So we could do a music video. I would rather not use a popular song and I've been listening to mash-ups of bluegrass with indy hip-hop. I like #4 a lot, Pistol Packin'. It would be cool with some Spaghetti Western action, uh?
You can hear my Newsport roadster you can take my Hartford hat
But you can never take from me my silver mounted gut
The whole of men don't hold me and they sure leave me be
I'm a pistol packin' papa and I ramble where I please.

Too bad there's not one with "pistol packin' mama".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes that would be most def cool, You should look in to the good the bad the ugly sound track! That is a great spaghetti western movie and sound track..


8:56 AM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Yeah, but it's already been used a lot.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Darlo said...

If you don't want to do a popular song, why not do one from Songs To Wear Pants To?

6:48 PM  
Blogger legmuscle said...

I can see that working, sure.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually listen to metal and hard rock or some industrial, but this album is pretty good. I can nearly see Eva and Blackie makeing some mass, while i listen this music.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

And the idea of mixing bluegrass, hip-hop and yodeling together would go well with Miss Dynamite general sillyness.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger Sirkowski said...

Yeah, but it's already been used a lot.

Yes thats quite true. I will look in to my bluegrass collection and see what else I can fine 4 you


10:15 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

You can, but I think my choice is pretty much stopped on Pistol Packin'. =)

12:33 PM  

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