Thursday, May 11, 2006

Devian Tart High School Nazies

When new Deviants comment on my pictures, I usualy visit their gallery to see if they would be worth putting on DevWatch. And occasionally, I fall on a Nazi. There's nothing more hearthwarming than a fascist telling how much your art is appreciated... :paranoid:

Of course, you shouldn't expect much from some 15 year old goth wannabee who has a Swastika avatar and tells everyone National Socialism was missunderstood. And of course, the Nazies never gased millions of Jew, Russians, Pols, Homos, etc. Yeah, sure... :sarcasticclap:

And as for those who use the Swastika but claim they're not Nazies and the Swastika is a symbol that predates WWII. What these morons don't know is the difference between the sinistroverse swastika (counterclockwise, a symbol of evil) and the destroverse swastika (clockwise, a symbol of life). They're just look for attention, so they can shut the fuck up. :spank:

But there's a point to this rant. Tell these idiot what kind of morons they are, and they will call you an intolerant. An intolerant, I'm an intolerant?
In this age of political correctness, even the Nazies are looking for acceptance (kinda like the pedophiles with NAMBLA). We shouldn't be judgemental and be mean to others, just because they're different. That's true, but hold on your horses Adolf; I might be a liberal, but I'm not stupid. Tolerance is for what can be tolerated.
- Racism is not to be tolerated.
- Destroying our democracy is not to be tolerated.
- Fighting against peace and freedom is not to be tolerated.
- And intolerance is not to be tolerated.
There is no paradox in being intolerant of intolerance. When somebody decides to cause you pain and hurt by his words and actions, this person should know what coming to him.

It is illegal in inhumane to emprison, bound and enslave people. But do we tolerate criminals and let them roam the streets freely? No we don't, because they have decided not to play by our just rules.
Freedom is for those who life free and help others do the same.
Peace is for those who live in peace and do not wage war.
And tolerance is for those are willing to be tolerant.

So dear DeviantArt Nazies, do not complain you are unjustly treated when we piss on you. Do not claim we are not open minded when we refuse to hear your arguements. And please, for those Deviants who are not Nazies, but hang with Nazies because you're "tolerant" of their different views, you're just as worst as they are, so go fuck yourselves too! :analprobe:

So to conclude. Tolerance, good; Nazies, dumb. :shakefist:
Thank you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, leftists, to this day, claim that "communism was misunderstood".

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Jaygar said...

Sirkowski i don't need to read your jewish name to realise your a fucking jew, just look at the concentrated ignorance you vomit.

Fucking get over it already, whining jew. Seriously, just stfu. Even if the holocaust did happen, enough free money given to jews and enough world-controlling power foolishly granted jews, that its completely retributed many times over.

In addition to that, ignorant fuckwits such as yourself don't seem to realise what is right in front of your eyes.

The holocaust DIDN'T happen. Read ANY 'denial' site, see the vast mountains of evidence. See the lack of evidence SUPPORTING your mythical holocaust. After a certain point it becomes laughable to think anyone could be so stupid, as to still BELIEVE the holocaust happened.

And if you read every page of truth on, then you'll realise even that is the tip of the iceberg in regards to jewish crimes.

The holocaust SHOULD have happened, jews SHOULD have been massacred. I wish hitler DID do it, but alas he did not. Hitler was a fool to have been so leniant, and just want you non-biblical-related Mongolian fake-jews (aka ashkenazi/slavic jews) exhiled back to native mongolia. Hitler was nice, and he was wrong to be :)

11:30 AM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...


5:41 PM  
Blogger Double A said...

Jaygar, are you blind as well as retarded? Firstly, you are a good typist for a blind person. :sarcasticgolfclap:

Secondly, if the holocaust didn't happen, like many people believe it did, and the evidence including the holocaust survivors AND photos, where would millions of people go? Are you saying they just went on vacation to the moon but liked it so much they didn't come back?

11:46 PM  

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