Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No rent raise this year

When I got an abusive rent hike last spring, I filled the refusal papers and sent them to the landlord. When you do that, it's the landlord's responsability to go to the government housing board for arbitration (la Régie du Logement). But I didn't get any asnwers. All I know is he got the letter because it was registered mail and I have his signature on the invoice.

Then, last month, the janitor who always picks up the cheque knocks on my door. I give him a cheque and he asks if it's at the new price. I tell him it ain't, that I refused the raise and the landlord knows about it. The janitor gets angry, tells me I can't do this. "Oh yes I can". He first tries to deal with me, just write half the raise on the cheque and we won't talk about it. That's illegal, I'm not gonna do that. Besides, it's the landlord's responsability to go to the housing board if he's not happy. He tells me the housing board has no say in this matter. Bullshit! The Régie du Logement is fucking GOD in any housing matter because all the landlords fear its wrath! Then, since that didn't work, the janitor tells me he's trying to avoid me all the paper work. Hahaha! Well you're too good for me bud, I've already filled all my paperwork months ago. One little sheet of paper, with one case to check and one line to sign. That was a lot of work, phew! And again, it's the landlord's responsability blablabla... So the janitor takes the cheques and goes away. Obviously the landlord didn't inform him of anything. He's the fucking janitor anyway, 'the fuck he knows?

Today, the janitor comes back to pick this month's cheque. It's like nothing happend. We have a  conversation, he's all smiling, small talk, he takes the cheque, bye! Attitudes change when you know you can't skrew someone.

So I guess I won my case or I would have heard about it since then. The landlord probably did nothing when he received the refusal papers, so it's case closed. He knew I was gonna win anyway, so he didn't bother to try.

Eat shit you goddamn crooks!


Anonymous Tubal said...

You still pay manually? +.+

8:04 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

How do you pay your rent?

8:19 PM  
Blogger AirPowah! said...

Kudos on the rent situation. I hope that you're abel to save that money for more important things.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Reaper8436247 said...

Whenever you're trying to fuck someone over it's always best for them to not realise that they can do anything about it.

On a much grander scale, today I had a discussion about Dictators, in their countries they own everything. Every house, every resource and every person.

However if the people realise that they don't actually need to do what they're told and enough of them rebel then the Dictator has no power.

2:49 PM  

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