Thursday, October 11, 2007

1-2-3 Sesame Street

I might be busy for the coming weeks, so I might not have time to post much original stuff. But I'm confident Miss Dynamite XXIII will be out in November. Meanwhile, for no other reasons than it's just awesome, here's Stevie Wonder performing on Sesame Street, in 1972.

And an 'encore', with Superstitious. "When you believe in things you don't understand, then you suffer." I dare you not to dance on your seat.


Anonymous Rulakir said...

That is like seeing the fifth dimension.(not the Band)
Surreal beyond description, but wonderful to behold to be sure. Funky learning, Bring it on!

5:10 PM  
Anonymous d.p.r. said...

Wow, I remember this! The "sesame street" song in the first video is burned in my brain, along with "bicycle" by queen, that song "wet paint" (though I don't know who sings that) and that pinball machine song.. "12345!67689 10! 11, 12!"

2:18 AM  
Blogger Boneheadtv said...


Thanks for posting the Stevie Wonder video. It takes me back to my teenage years. I enjoyed watching it.

4:56 PM  

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