Friday, February 17, 2006

Eva's visit to the vet

Wednesday I noticed something was wrong with ratty Eva. She was sluggish and wouldn't move. I thought maybe she was just very sleepy, but then kept falling on her side when she tried walking and couldn't get up. Since Eva has always been smaller and weaker than Blackie, I always suspected she was carriyinga respiratory virus from birth common among rats. As her state didn't improve after a day, I began thinking she might be on her last mile, especialy when she stopped eating.

Yesterday I was able to find a vet that is specialized in exotic animals (because you can't take rodents to most cats & dogs vets) and I booked an appointment for today (I wish it was that easy for humans). In the meantime, I had to force feed Eva with a tube. It was a mess and she didn't like me much for that.

Today though, while getting ready to go to the vet, I noticed Eva seemed to be doing better. She was eating and drinking. The vet was very nice and they know what they're doing, I recommend them, for birds, reptiles and rodents. It turns out I was wrong about Eva having a respiratory virus, her lungs are quite clean and she's very healthy but for one thing, she's got gas... that's caused by a gastronteritis. I got that a few months ago and I can understand why Eva was feeling like crap (no word play). I'm gonna have to force feed her anti-biotics for 10 days, but since she already seems better, she should make a full recovery.

This was an occasion for Eva and Blackie to take the subway for the first time. They seemed to love it, especially Blackie who would've loved to explore a bit more. A big black lady was sitting next to me, and when she saw Blackie peeking out of my hoodie, she jumped and slammed into a man who almost fell. It was hilarious.

Everything was fine last week. Eva and Blackie wrestling as they always do and Eva getting her ass kicked.

Wednesday afternoon. Normaly she'd never stay still like this.

She didn't have the strenght to enter in her little house and just went to sleep like this.

It's the first time she falls asleep on my lap, so I knew something wasn't right.

On an unrelated note, there was a murder a few steps from here, in the bar on the corner. A stabbing o_O I heard some noise at 3am, I thought it was people partying. Then this morning they said it was a murder on the news.


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