Friday, July 27, 2007

Retarded eBay antics

My pal Liberal Avenger was selling these Miss Dynamite blotters on eBay (they do not contain LSD) and they were taken down because they were judged pornographic.
Miss Dynamite LSD Blotter Art Manga Anime Hentai

Adult material (material that's not appropriate for people under 18 years
old) can be listed in the Mature Audiences category only.

Items that are designed to sexually arouse, including adult anime and
hentai, are considered adult material.

Ok, there's some sexiness to this picture, but it's nothing to fap over. Unless you got one of those giant woman fetish you see on the Internets. I'm thinking they probably took it down because the tag said "hentai". But that means eBay didn't even look at the pic before taking it down. That means if you were selling a book titled "How to protect your children against pornography" it would be taken down.

And damn do I love really blurry rules like "designed to sexually arouse". Can you get more subjective than sexual arousal? Especialy on the Internet. People will jerk off to anyone or anything.

That's why I don't use eBay anymore. I got a bunch of auctions removed and then using the adult section was impossible so fuck it.


Blogger Custom Coaster said...

Wow that's really strange, cause I like buying art so that's really crappy. Alot of people that try and sell art have pictures of topless women all the time and ebay does nothing hell check out it's a good site and also has links to ebay for such dirty pics from Bill Ward!!

6:53 AM  
Blogger Bushido Hacks said...

I honestly can't believe that the illustration in question is considered offensive.

Perhaps some coward (possibly a eunich) thought: "Let's not AROUSE any THOUGHTS that could invoke people's human inhibitions. These things could ruin us."

8:29 AM  

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