Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twiggy's Flash flashback

In this earlier post, I was wondering if I could succesfully introduce to the anime a character very few people have seen so far. Twiggy Rickenbacker has only appeared in the print comics Faster, Dynamite! Kill! Kill! If an animated episode has a storyline where Twiggy tries to take revenge from Eva, would it be a problem if people didn't have the whole story?

One way to fix this would be with this FLASHBACK made by recycling comic pages. With voice overs and sound effects, I think people would understand where Twiggy is coming from and what's her motivation. Right?

Also, Shaun made a very good point:
Eva's pissed off so many people over the years that it would plausible to have a revenge storyline without a lot of explanation.

It's not like your audience is going to watch the animation and say "Eva would NEVER beat the shit out of a CIA agent and sell her into prostitution! How could this happen?"


Blogger Uber said...

I think doing a flashback recycling the manga as animated 'frames' comic book style would do justice here.

It stays true to the entire series, while giving a creative way to introduce her to your flash series properly.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Uber said...

Just to clarify, cause I think maybe I was too vague, and you didn't really hint at such in your post:

I mean redrawing all the frames in flash, and animating them while keeping them in the same position from the manga.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous ak said...

if the fans want to know thier ass's can just read th f'n comic its good enough to read isnt it

12:31 AM  
Blogger K-2 said...

Following Shaun's line of thought, Twiggy can say she wants to have her revenge but Eva and Blackie have forgotten who the hell she was, leaving her past a little bit blurry, without affecting the story.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Tainted Ink said...

I agree with k-2. But I also think you could a tongue in cheek gag where a character says "If you want to know the whole story buy the fucking comics, you cheap bastard!"

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anders said...

If you do a flashback, keep it in B/W-grey.
It was about time Twiggy returned!

Or a flashback interrupted by "If you want to know the whole story buy the fucking comics, you cheap bastard!"

12:53 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Uber, I'm not redrawing the whole thing. X-)

And yeah, the blatant commercial is a good idea.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Jezebel1669 said...

The flashback's a bit long if it's going to be part of an episode. Maybe you could just show Twiggy being introduced, checking up on Eva on the web and then tied up in the car boot?

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

flash backs all ways work as long as they are done right. you should have Eva flash back wondering why this girl is looking at her like kill bill style. lol

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Cmackthe3rd said...

That's a pretty cool idea there Sirk.
Keeping it Metal Gear-ish too...

10:11 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

It'll look better with some audio.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous jurf-rokstar said...

I wonder who would do the voice acting.

1:07 AM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Yeah, I haven't had auditions yet.

2:46 AM  
Anonymous jurf-rokstar said...

Hopefully someone Black.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Hopefully. I'm sure there's black female fan-dubbers out there.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous AlphaFactor said...


Just an interesting factoid to digest...

Have you seen "The Boondocks"? Both the little boys are voiced by African WOMEN.

It'll be cool to see who you get to voice twiggy!

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, show her being used and abused at the brothel if you do animate it. Saw a cool Jap porn vid where they had a lady on a wooden horse as entertainment for a dinner party where a guy pushed and moved her around a bit to make her holler. One of the guys watching it had his girlfriend with him, who just got hot watching it and went over and 'helped'...

Now, I'm not sure you'd got into that explicit detail here, but you could show just enough to imply. Then that would be the stage for Twiggy's rescue; A CIA guy goes to the brothel for fun. He's thinking..."This is the life... All I had to do was help Dubya lie about the WMD's in Iraq and I'm still on a 'secret/no limit spending account'. Glad we chased the middle class tourists away. 'Asian sex tours' should be for elites only! Hmmm... Should it be a boy or a girl or both tonight...?"

-Then he notices the woman being tortured in the other room...
-"WTF!? Twiggy!?"

And buys her out- "I owe you for saving me back in ---blackout line---" and she goes for revenge:-)

10:10 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Alpha, almost all little boys in cartoons are voiced by women. Ash in Pokémon, Bobby Hill in King of the Hill, Bart Simpson, etc.

Anonymous, Twiggy will escape on her own. The US government has abandonned her.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous AlphaFactor said...

Lol. You know, I actually thought that was the exception, not the rule.

Ah well.

I got this great feeling that whoever you're going to pickout is gonna be awesome.

Any chance Twiggy's a French-African? I could sort of see it working.


5:53 AM  
Anonymous killalot2k said...

i think it would cool if we had eva and Twiggy with blackie in an animated episode where thier are playing with each others feet that would be cool

6:20 AM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Twiggy is American.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous AlphaFactor said...



1:27 AM  
Blogger coolninja19 said...

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7:28 AM  

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