Friday, July 18, 2008

I hate sound editing

I hate sound editing. But you have no idea how.

Sound is easily the most skrewy thing in Flash. (I don't program, so I don't know if Action Script is buggy.) I cannot bare the stress of working on the animation for hundred of hours, only to see everything fall apart when comes time to synch the audio.

Here I am, inserting sound effects in Miss Dynamite 24, when for no apparent reason, the sounds in one particular Movie Clip goes completly out of synch, even though they're set in Stream. (which means they should be in synch.) Is it my fault and there's something I did wrong and I don't see? Is it just Flash that's fucked?? Beats me!?!

So I erase all the sound layers in that Movie Clip, I edit them back in. Now, if there's a constant background noise set to Stream, all the audio is in synch. So it works, but it still makes no fucking sense. The sound effect should still be in synch, no matter if there's a background noise or not.

So it works, but the bug is still there, and it's gonna drive me crazy until this movie is fucking done. What's gonna go wrong next? This is the part of working on a Flash movie where I regret it. I remember that the only reason why I started a new movie is because I forgot that part of working on it... Drawing comics is sooo much easier. I don't even need a computer, all I need is a pencil and paper. But I can't do animation without technology, without Flash. If it lets me down, I'm fucked! I felt a fucking knot in my stomach when that sound went nuts. Did I work all these hours for this out of synch piece of shit?

That was too much for me, I'm taking a break of Flash for the rest of the day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro would be better for sound editing. They're actual editing programs. Me, I've never been good with flash. Screwy keyframing and such. Plus it's more of an animation program so it seems appropriate for the sound to not work quite as well in Flash.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Well... ya. But I need a .swf file to publish it on Newgrounds. Unless I make a video file embeded in a .swf.

Anyway, the last time I used a video editing software was in the 90s, so I'm a bit out of touch with them.

Can Flash animations be imported to Final Cut Pro?

8:49 PM  
Blogger Major Spoosh Hallzy said...

I am new to editing my self and only have used a avid system at the place I volunteer L,m,c,tv and the only work I have ever edited is my crappy youtube video I feel your pain making the sound match is a true bitch.. Just hang in there for your loyal fans and watchers..

10:44 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

So far it's working, let's cross our finger there will be no new major fuckups.

But in the worse case scenario, I can probably make a master audio edit in Audacity or Cool Edit to merge all my audio tracks outside of Flash. Flash probably wouldn't bug with only one single audio track to keep its synch on.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Major Spoosh Hallzy said...

Most def will keep my fingers crossed...

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Tainted Ink said...

Flash is evil and very buggy and moody. It often corrupts files I'm working on. So I must remember to save two or three versions of each cartoon as back-ups. Sound is also by far my least favorite part of working on flash. I often find myself procrastinating on it.

10:36 PM  

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