Saturday, May 05, 2007

new Final Fantasy sketches + auction

Filling my taxes made me remember that I'm poor. X-D So I'm selling those 7 sketches to whoever is willing to pay 50$ for the package. (Int. MO, cheque, even cash, but Paypal is prefered. The shipping is on me.) It's a first bid, first served auction. Don't send money before I confirm it's yours, I don't want to reimburse people. Bid for it in the comments or send me an e-mail.

Update: SOLD!


Blogger VJ said...


Man, these are SWEET.

Do a crossover-segment on Newgrounds... Miss Dynamite meets Final Fantasy!


The NGphytes will vote 5 for sure.

11:36 PM  
Blogger legmuscle said...

That got snapped up quick. Then again, it was a pretty good bargain. :)

12:17 PM  
Blogger Sirkowski said...

Ya. I'm gonna turn the dead "Auction" section into a "For Sale" section.

2:56 PM  

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