Monday, March 17, 2008

MensuHell #100

With the release of its 100th issue, MensuHell becomes the longest running comics fanzine in Québec and probably one of the longest in the world. On this color cover, editor Francis Hervieux, who took the job a few years ago when MensuHell creator, Steve Requin, stopped publishing it.

In this special issue you'll find work from Jacques Boivin, Karl Dupéré-Richer, Siris, Michèle Laframboise, Nicolas Plamondon, Jim & Vic, Laurent Gautreau, Kurt Beaulieu, Billy Mavreas, Louis Rémillard, Al+Flag, 'El Quesnel, Gag, Guillaume Boucher, Pascal Picher, Benoit Joly, Éric Thériault, O. D'amour, Zviane, Grégoire Bouchard, Jane Tremblay, 4in, Guy Boutin, Luc Giard and Guert! I also drew a 3 page comic, written by Kurt Beaulieu, just for this occasion. MensuHell is for sale at 6 libraries in Montreal or can be ordered directly from the editor. Check the website for more info.


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Oh Snap! That's cool.


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