Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Faster, Dynamite! Kill! Kill! p.09


Anonymous macabre said...

You can never have enough Chow Yun Fat gangster movies.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you are colorizing (and hopefully expanding a little) this story? COOL!

One thing, going to the part where Twiggy's sold to a brothel, but they use 'discomfort' to try to brainwash her... Why not include a bunch of kinky stuff as both a tribute to HCG games and 70s exploitation Sinema?

Like, collect some donations from fans for 'additional inspiration' of course...

I mean-

"Wooden Horse" - My fav from "Dawn Slave" , "Muku" etc.
A spinning wheel, like from "Women in Cages".
Also from that movie, have her wrapped with an electrical wire on a post and shocked like the redhead was...though the direct see through cups on the nipples from the (filmed same time!?) "Big Doll house" was kinky cool too...

There'd be a neat "Interjection" scene where some petite innocent oriental girl is being taken down to the torture dungeon going "No! No hurt Miki! Nooooo!" as the western businessmen (looking like the bailout kings in RL) is eagerly anticipating the fun he'll have. She's tied up and he's holding a whip, but he goes "What's that racket from the other room?" Madame replies, we are "Educating another girl", he peeks behind the curtain sees Twiggy tied spread eagled, covered in sweat and delirious... Perhaps she's got wires on her nipples (clamps concealing, or those Doll House cups) and on her toes and the "Hand" the tormenter uses barely covers her privates for some fake pretense of modesty.

Drops whip, pulls out more money and shoves it to Madam as he walks towards her, roughly undoing pants... "Must...Fuck...that..."
-Not that I expect you to draw explicit, or that this isn't explicit enough, the implication is cool too.

The "Innocent Oriental Girl" goes "Hey! He'd better still be paying me!"

5:38 AM  

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