Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers 2: ROFL

So I'm hearing it's even more boring and racist than the first one? Seriously, I don't understand people who say, "Micheal Bay makes action movies, don't expect Shakespeare". That's the problem. Micheal Bay is a BAAAD action director. Fucking shaky cam, robots who all look the same and absolutly no sense of continuity. Bad Boys was awful. Bad Boys 2 made me feel bad. And I couldn't watch Pearl Harbor till the end. I never saw The Rock and Armageddon and probably never will. I'm not even going to bother downloading a copy of Transformers 2; not worth the time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birds and the bees...

...and snails.
I took my camera along during my morning walk today.

This bridge doesn't seem too safe.
old bridge

It was as shaky as it looks.
old bridge

Not sure what this is. Looks like some sort of wasp. It's a hoverfly.

Bees are awesome! There was hundreds of them.

This snail looks like it got cracked but healed.


bug sex

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Soviet Canuckistan

A comment in an old post reminded me I haven't wrote about my health in a while.
JeffG said...
Thank god for socialized health care. You'll only have to suffer in a living hell of darkness for, what, 6 months?

You fucking Canuck, tard. Suck on that socialism.

I don't normaly give trolls that kind of exposure, but with what's going on in the US right now, it's a good oppotunity to talk about SOCIALIZED (eeeeevil!) medicine. The commenter's named linked to Jeff Goldstein, a wingnut blogger with an inferiority complex, but I doubt it's him. He would use a sock-puppet to troll, as he got caught doing in the past.

But ANYWAY, I am feeling better. I have been followed by a social worker from almost the very start, which helped a lot and is free. I've had trouble finding a doctor, but this is partly my fault because I never got a family doctor, and because the first doctor I saw was an ass. Which cannot be blammed on SOCIALIZED (communiiiiist!) healthcare. I would have tried to find another doctor sooner, but TL;DR story, I was messed up. But for the past two months, I'm being followed by a doctor (free) and I am on an anti-depressant treatment (only 15$ a month for the pills, thanks to a state medicine collective insurrance). So yeah, SOCIALIZED (faaaaaaag!) medicine sucks a lot, NOT! As the Republicans always say: "Do you want bureaucrats taking care of your health?" If it's a choice between bureaucrats and an insurrance company looking to make a profit on my ass, fuck yeah I'll take the bureaucrat!

Anyway, I'm doing better. Not perfect, but a lot better. It'll take time. I'm taking things slowly, a long vacation. And for those who told me not to take pills, well sorry, you didn't know what you were talking about. :p But not as wrong as that troll was, lol!

Monday, June 15, 2009

MSM fail

It's incredible how little info there is about Iran on the cable news networks. I understand the Iranian government has kicked out all foreign media, but they should be able to use inside contacts. That's what the blogs are doing. Andrew Sullivan's blog is a good place to find information about current Iranian events.

I wasn't very optimistic about the protesters' chances against the government. Especially after yesterday's massive support rally for Adhmedinejadingdong. And if it wasn't enough that the riot police is blindly following orders, you've got militant thugs beating up women in the streets. But today's demonstration in support of Mousavi was even bigger it seems, with crowds that reached till the horizon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iranian Elections

If you're going to fix the electoral results, why not do something more believable, like Bush's victory in 2000. Ahmedinejad, or however its spelled, won with 69% (give more or less 3pts) of the votes, no matter which district. Can you imagine if Obama had won with 69%, even in the red states?? No fucking way.

I guess now it all depends on how pissed the Iranians are gonna be and how willing is the police to beat-up their fellow citizens. Any Iranians reading this blog? Is the Internet still available?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Debbie Schlussel, blonde, stupid, bigoted and fat...

SRLY, I try to ignore most pundits, but one I try to ignore the most because of her mutant ability to boil my blood with her stupidest of reflexions is Debbie Schlussel.

Debbie claims that the attack on the Holocaust museum by a 89 yrs old white-supremacist is the fault of Muslims... WHAT THE CHRIST!?!
Mr. Von Brunn has been on this planet for 89 years, and he didn’t feel comfortable shooting up a Holocaust museum until now—this new era of “tolerance,” in which we must tolerate the most extremist Muslim behaviors and sentiments. It’s, in general, not 89-year-old White guys telling people at churches worldwide and in religious schools that the Jews are the devil incarnate, a filthy tribe, the sons of pigs and monkeys, subhuman, etc. (note from Sirk: you'd be surprised)

Yeah, there was no such thing as anti-semitism before 9/11!

She also conveniently omits the fact that the guy tried something similar in 81. I bet she would blame that on Jimmy Carter.

The most ironic thing is Debbie, a Jew, is a strong supporter of everything evangelical. While most evangelicals still blame the Jews for the death of their messiah. You're a proud kapo, Debbie.

Via Balloon-Juice
See also, CNN: Atheists need to shut up

props to Shep Smith


I consider this a bane of the Internets ever since I got online in the 20th century. People changing their nick, handles and logins. With over 300 people in my contact list (MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ), how am I supposed to remember that Mr. "Now alone, my blood falls upon bleeding eyes. This is hell." is the same person as "Darth Maul 2099" I talked to last month? I can usualy avoid this because in Trillian, the handle the person used to first contact you always stays the same, even if he or she changes it. But now I'm stuck in MSN for a while... :-p
Pick a nickname and keep it.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

new sketches

Some clothing research done 2 months ago. The commie-Blackie was inspired by a Crumb comic.
+ two sketches done at last month's Montreal Comix Jam.