Friday, September 29, 2006

Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your SUV

I would so love to be able to do something like that with the Miss Dynamite anime.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Auction: Package of 8 Eva Sketches

I haven't done many updates this week. I been busy with Starship Titus. I'll be doing some work on my hentai nun manga and perhaps Miss Dynamite XXI.

Anyway, here's this week auction. A package of 8 Eva sketches from the Sex Sells sketch book.

And if you only want to look, do it fast because I'm taking those pics offline after. X-D

Expozine 2006 Montreal's annual small press, comic and zine fair!

I'll be at the Montreal ExpoZine again this year. (This clip is from last year's Expo. Don't get confused with the date at the beginning. This year's Expo is on Nov. 25th)

This year's fifth anniversary edition will take place on Saturday November 25, 2006 from 11 am to 6 pm, at 5035 St-Dominique, between St-Joseph and Laurier. (map)

This incredible event brings together over 200 creators of all kinds of printed matter in both English and French. In the past five years, Expozine has grown to become one of North America's largest small press fairs, attracting thousands of visitors as well as exhibitors from as far afield as Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec City! It is one of the city's cultural success stories, and this year's edition promises to be the biggest yet!

To reserve a table at Expozine, fill out the registration form before November 1, 2006. You can also register by phone by calling 514-278-4879, or register in person at Monastiraki, 5478 St-Laurent corner St-Viateur, from Wednesday to Sunday from 11-5 p.m.

We're also looking for sponsors. For information on becoming a sponsor, contact us at, or call 514-282-0146.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Auction: Blackie collage

Fuck, I nearly forgot to start the auction again!

Anyway, I'm guessing this will sell lower than the shipping cost, but I don't mind. Some people claimed they wanted to buy it, so here's their chance.

The auction is here!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hentai nun

My first finished concept drawing for my upcoming hentai nun manga.

I've also stopped inking with nibs (crowquills). Recently, the bristol boards I buy from Strathmore have gone drasticaly down in quality. The paper absorbs the ink so much it's like drawing with a Sharpie on toilet paper. I've gone into a lot of trouble to find the perfect combination of ink, nib and paper, I don't feel going through all that again. SO from now on, I'll ink in Flash. As this latest nun pic shows, there doesn't appear to be much difference, so that's all good. No more ink to spill. No more nibs to clean. And I think it's easier on my back to be sitting straight, with a Wacom on my lap, than crouching over the drawing table.

Jan Wong, murderer/journalist

Journalist Jan Wong might feel a kindred spirit with Kimveer Gill.

Last week, Kimveer Gill entered Dawson College in Montréal and opened fire on students. One student was killed, 20 wounded, a few still in serious condition. The shooter was wounded by the police and then shot himself.

The motherfucker had a blog, which was deleted, but I saved a copy here. As you'll plainly read in his emo prose, the guy was fucking nuts.

But Globe and Mail (Toronto) pundit Jan Wong knows why Kimveer Gill became a cold-blooded murderer. In her last column, she blamed Québec's racism and the french language.

Which facts does she presents to make her case? NONE. Better yet, after a quick analysis, her arguements are utter bullshit. If Kimveer Gill was a victim of racist francophones (french-speakers like me), why did he open fire in an english multi-ethnic college? Doesn't make any fucking sense. But hey, Jan Wong doesn't make fucking sense in the first place.

Here's a little history of Jan Wong. She's a third generation Canadian-Chinese, born in Montréal. She was a rich little bitch, her dad is a business man and owns the Bill Wong chinese buffet. When she reached 18, Jan Wong, who was a Maoist, travelled to China to join Mao's Cultural Revolution. There she ratted on a fellow student. His crime? He asked her how was life in the West. The man was never seen again (seriously, he's dead). Does Jan Wong regret her action? Not really, she just says she was pretty naive. Fuck that! She wasn't naive, she was a sick fucking communist cunt.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk like a pirate day


Doesn't she remind ye o' anyone?

Aar, and what about this face?

Just a silly post on Talk Like a Pirate Day. These images are from the old Candy anime.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nun sketches + fanart

I have some sketches for a new project I'm working on. It's a hentai nun manga that should be available on Slipshine. (I will continue to work on Starship Titus)

Also, a new fanart from Kalashnikov.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Auction starting today

Shit, I nearly forgot to start the auction today... ^^;

This should be the first of my weekly auctions.
Blackie with/without bra.

Check the Auction section again next Thursday for a new auction. (you can view auctions before they start in the section)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chew toy

Your rats need a chew toy? Try electrical wire.

All my wires accessible to the rats are protected.
The USB wire for my graphic tablet was not protected because the rats couldn't reach it. Or so I thought, until I caught Blackie chewing the wire while I was drawing. When I use my tablet, the wire falls just close enough to the ground for a rat to bite it. Luckily, she didn't chew the copper wires. It is now protected.

The wire in the photo was from my cable terminal, which I gave to the rats. Thus there was no damage to my eletrical appliances and no rat got electrocuted.

Plagiarism NSFW

While I was surfing these Internets (I wasn't looking for porn, obviously, *cough* ya...), I found this nice little jewel of plagiarism.
*NOT SAFE FOR WORK* Plagiarism on the left / Originals on the right

He could have at least copied off my more recent, better pics. Not these oldies. X-)
I don't know who the artist is. I imagine there's no point in contacting the website where these came from. The webmaster probably bought these Kim Possible pics in a content package, or just stole them from the original plagiarist artist. (I censored the URL so he wouldn't get traffic from me)

Anyway, no big deal. It's more funny than anything else.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

New site design!

This is the new front page. The only real difference is the Daily Strip (sic) has been replaced with the blog. This way, it's easier for people to know what's new.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Website and Blog redesign

If Eva's Blog of Terror looks weird, it's because I'm going to mix it with the Miss Dynamite website.

The only big difference from before will be the removal of the Daily Strip. Which was a bit ridiculous since I make about one strip a month, I might as well replace it with the blog.

It took me about an hour to get rid of the title... x_X The banners on the right are crooked when view in FireFox and Opera. are fucking crooks

Never buy any merchandize online with a rebate from
They're fucking crooks. I bought a DVD burner from with a rebate from OnRebate. They ask that you mail them the original UPC code, which I did. Then they e-mail me to say I forgot to include the UPC code. Now they tell me to send the original UPC code again....

Fuck you assholes! e_e I'm not shopping at these two places again.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Auction section

I'm opening an auction section at Miss Dynamite.

I'm thinking, once a week, I could auction something. Whatever doesn't sell, I put in a big pile that I'll try to auction later as a package.

Auctions will start every Thursday and will last three days.

The next auction is already announced in the Auction Section. Next Thursday, on the 14th, the link to the eBay auction will be displayed and biding will start.

I'm not expecting a fortune, just a few bucks. So we'll see how that works.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ways I'm more Conservative than a Wingnut

  • I believe in higher standards. The incompetance and failure of others is never an excuse for you own flaws. Bill Clinton getting a blow job is not an excuse to BBQ Iraqi kids with white phosphorus.
  • I abhor moral relativism. We are right and the terrorists are wrong. But when you act like a terrorist to fight terrorism, then you become a terrorist too. You can't wiggle out of that one with cheap relativism.
  • Governments ought to fear their citizens. Elected officials are nothing more than public servants. And the smaller the government, the more power to its citizens.
  • The bigger the government, the greater its incompetance. For governments, size and power are unrelated. Just look at the Bush administration. There was nothing to stop them and their fall from grace was just the greater.
  • I don't believe in nation building. Citizens have their own countries to take care of. To suggest that you can impose democracy is to ignore the meanings of the words imposing and democracy.
  • I believe in vengeance. When terrorists try to kill you, you kill them in return. You don't lose interest and start building new countries. To do otherwise is a sign of weakness.
  • I believe in honor. When you form an alliance to fight terrorism, you don't betray your allies by using their support to further your pety political and financial goals.
It always bugs me to hear wingnuts refer to me as a 'lefty'. They see themselves as conservatives and I'm the liberal. It's a comforting picture. But with the list above, I just smashed this pretty picture to pieces and showed to wingnuts how in some aspects I am more conservative than they are. A vain attempt to put them to shame, if they still have any.
This dogmatic duality on their part makes the world easier to understand for the weak minded. But this duality is an illusion. This right/left demarcation doesn't exist. These wingnut might claim to be conservatives, but most of them only use the esthetics. Neo-conservative warmongers are closer to far-left communism with their imperialist nation-building and their permanant revolution (the War on Terror). Blinded by power, libertarian conservatives who cheered Bush basicaly peed on their own principles. The religious right made a pact with the big business conservatives (aka the devil), forgetting it is the eye of Ra on the dollar bill, not Jesus.

The thing about liberalism is it is undogmatic. Right-wingers try to paint all liberals as lefties. But the fact is, even though some liberals might be painted with the etiquette of 'lefties', it is often an oversimplification and usualy completly untrue. In most case, it is only 'left' in the context of an extreme right ideology (as they say, compared to Bush, Nixon was a socialist). When you view ideas liberaly, a conservative or moderate right-wing idea that works is acceptable. A socialist or moderate left-wing idea that doesn't work is unacceptable. And vice-versa. (For exemple, in Canada, no sane conservative pol would ever try to eliminate universal healthcare) Because of that, it is not inconsistant for some liberals to be pro-welfare and pro-capitalist at the same time. To paint liberals as dogmatic, or religious like Ann Coulter tried to do, is projection from far-right-wingers. When you are morally flawed, it is easier to accuse others of your own crimes than to face the reality that you are a dogmatic prick. It also shows the ignorance (perhaps faked, perhaps they really that stupid) of wingnuts. Communists, anarchists and the far-left hate liberals more than they hate right wingers. It's a common trait of extremists to despise liberals; just look at Bush and Ahmadinejad. The most dangerous thing for a dogmatic ideology is one (ideology) that isn't (dogmatic).

The things I have listed are not necessarely conservative. They are traditionaly associated with it, but really, that's bullshit. I guess another title could have been, "how I am different from contemporary conservatives", but it's not as catchy.

(Cross posted at Liberal Avenger)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Convention sketches + fanart

9 sketches
I drew at the Fan Expo.
And a fanart from Trent.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back from Fan Expo 2006

I'll have more (and better) drawings done during the convention later.

Just got back from the Toronto 2006 Fan Expo. The rats had ran out of food when I arived home, even though I left them two huge fists full. o_O But they weren't probably hungry for very long, maybe a day. And they seem fine.

This has been the most difficulty I've ever had to get to that convention. Or to get anywhere for that matter. I couldn't take the train to get from Montreal to Toronto because since the Expo was held during the Labor Day weekend, it was too expensive. So I had to take the bus with a friend. We had to buy our bus tickets three times, because the cashier kept skrewing us over. And again, because of the fucking Labor Day weekend, the bus tickets were almost double what we expected paying. Then I was able to get us the only hostel beds available in Toronto during Labor Day weekend. The hostel turned turned out to be dirty and one of the guy sleeping in the dormitory had his cellphone ring at night. There was a final fuck up with the bus. We were forced to take the express bus, which normally would have been fine, but since we were leaving on Thursday night to arrive on Friday morning (at 6am), that meant we arrived in downtown Toronto at 3am instead. The bus station was closed, so we had to wait a few hours at a coffee shop. The Expo only opens at 2pm, so we were pretty much zombies for all of Friday.

As much as I was tired, I really had trouble sleeping at the hostel. I felt so bad on Saturday morning I wasn't even sure I could make it to the con. My stomach was all turned up from the lack of sleep. The rest of the weekend went more smoothly. I was able to sell enough stuff to pay for my expenses, so I'm not in the red. The Sex Sells sketchbook got sold out (I think I had 25 copies). Don't worry, there will be a 2nd print run for online sales. I met a lot of fans, and unlike last year, a lot of girls were buying my manga, which was a cheer up. X-) Trent also kept me company for a while. And thanks to him, someone thinks Sirkowski is black... And thanks to my friend Éric, I was able to sneak into the Diamond Industry Night without paying and got a free meal. I pity the sucker who paid to attend that diner though. There wasn't much there.

But in the end, here's my problem with the Toronto Expo. Either I take the train, a good hotel and I end up losing money. Or I take the bus, a shitty hostel, don't lose money, but spend an awfull weekend. Or I stay home. If I lived in Toronto it would be worth it, but making the trip from Montreal isn't. I'll concentrate on conventions in Montreal for the next years. I possibly got an invitation to the 2007 OtakuThon.

"Bring out the Gimp!"