Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sister Wulfia Focka is Online!

Issue #1 (ten pages) of my new hentai manga, Sister Wulfia Focka, is now online on

The subsription prices of Slipshine are really low when compared to other paysite. Especialy considering the astounding quantity of original art found there. This isn't one of those hentai paysite where you pay to get stolen stuff you can find for free anywhere else. And it's not like I'm telling you that you should buy a subscription for just my manga. There's also Josh Lesnick, Momo, @$$, GD-kun and a lot of other InterWeb adult celebrities. I don't think you'd be able to read all the comics there even if you read it full time for a week.

I put up a low resolution 3 page sample here. This first issue is the beginning of an ongoing series that will take Sister Focka on a sexy crusade across a sexy medieval fantasy Europe.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New fanarts

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This Looks Shopped!

The Republicunts must have suffered severe brain damage over the lost midterm election. The Confederate Yankee has turned an Interweb meme into a reality. The poor retard got laughed at so much he had to turn down his comments.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sister Wulfia Focka

The first episode of my new hentai nun manga is done and should be online on this week.

It tells the story of Sister Wulfia Focka, a nun sent by an angel on a holy mission. That's the story; the rest will be filled with dirty uncensored SEX and PORN!

And yeah, the suit is almost the same as Sister Dynamite's. But I'm allowed to plagiarise myself, no?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

back from ExpoZine 2006

Update: Flickr set from Jack Ruttan.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

ExpoZine TODAY!

See ya'll at the ExpoZine! Saturday the 25th of November, from 11 am to 6 pm, at 5035 St-Dominique, between St-Joseph and Laurier (métro Laurier). MAP. Admission is FREE.
This incredible event brings together over 220 creators of all kinds of printed matter in both English and French. In the past five years, Expozine has grown to become one of North America's largest small press fairs, attracting thousands of visitors as well as exhibitors from as far afield as New York, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec City!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Miss Dynamite LSD Blotters for sale

At last, here are the Miss Dynamite blotters on eBay. It's a limited edition (only 100 prints), each is numbered and signed. (all prints are drug-free, obviously)

'but don't make fun of MY religion

This never ends to astound me. A review for Miss Dynamite XXI: The Pu Sisters
... Allah freaks? November 18, 2006

Reviewed by: Hammi
Overall Score: 8

Ah c'mon gimme a break. Thats a bit tad over the line. You shouldve used a different definition of al-Qaeda, but instead it makes the meaning of "Allah" a negative thing, which is not, like their identity isnt dirty and roughed up enough. Im sure that you didnt mean it seriously and it was only for the laugh, but just be easy with it okay? We've been assfucked and tossed around for a long time now because of blinded fundamentalistic extremist asshats out there... and the corrupted governments. WE are NOT al-Qaeda, them friggin bastards.

al-Qaeda... in Peshawar?? LOL that was a good one! Altho they dont hide in big office buildings there. Some of them must be living on a dirty side of the city. Just mentioning that lol.

The flash was funny, shocking material as usual(xD) and good voiceacting. It was good.
First, let's be fair, he gave me 8/10, so I'm not gonna bash the guy personnaly. But here was my answer:
Sirkowski's response:
Where were you when I was making fun of Christians and their silly religion? Now it's your turn, so suck it up.
It's all fun and games for the faithfull until someone makes a crack at THEIR religion. I don't remeber any protestants complaining when I made fun of the Pope. Now it took a joke against Islam for that guy to wake up to what I was doing. Yet, he's hopping I'm kidding and that I'm not really giving a negative view of Islam. Well think again.

And I'm tired of people saying "don't judge us for the actions of a few nuts". Sure, in most religions, Islam included, the majority of the people are moderates. But what's a moderate if not someone who's too pussy to REALLY respect his religion. Islam demands that infidels be put to death and so does the Old Testament. The fundamentalists are the only ones being truthfull to what they believe. The moderates just cop-out and cherry-pick what they like in the religious text. Love thy neighbor? Sure! Circumcision? Uh, no thanks...
Worse yet, the moderates give a mandate to the fundamentalists. They secure their belief by showing their support for the same superstitions. Everytime a child gets baptized by a priest, the Vatican can boast about it's new converts, even though that baptized child will probably never return to church (other than for a marriage).

And a final note about Peshawar. If Pakistan is still financing the Talibans, I don't see why AlQaeda should be hidding. I'm just doing fiction, but would it be that surprising if it were true?

I've opened a discussion about this in the forum, if anyone is interested to join.

Iraqi Kid Runs For Water

I'm sure these kids won't grow up to become terrorists, right? RIGHT??


Sunday, November 19, 2006

New pinup, fanarts + cosplay

An Eva and Blackie pinup that might be made into a tattoo.

Also new fanarts from The Legendary (1), Genfguy and some Eva cosplay by FrogPianist.

Friday, November 17, 2006

ExpoZine 2006 Nov. 25

A reminder that the ExpoZine is only a week away, Saturday the 25th of November, from 11 am to 6 pm, at 5035 St-Dominique, between St-Joseph and Laurier (métro Laurier). MAP. Admission is free. Here's the guest list.
My sketchbook Sex Sells will be for sale. It is not available online yet because the first print was sold out at the Toronto Expo in Sept. The 2nd print is being done at the printer as I write this and will be available at the ExpoZine (and online a bit later). I'm also printing a new batch of Faster Dynamite part 2 because I've sold the 150 copies of the first print. I'll need a 5th print of Special Ed. too soon, I'm almost out.

While I'm at it, I want to thank everybody who voted for Miss Dynamite XXI on Newgrounds. I won the Daily Feature, 4th Weekly place and it now has over 200 000 views!

I want to wish Rick Santorum a lot of fun fucking his dog. And good luck to all the Republicunts who lost their elections and will probably find a new job lobbying for NAMBLA.

Finally, the first issue of my hentai nun manga is almost done.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Miss Dynamite XXI: The Pu Sisters

1st place Daily Feature, thank you for your votes!
Update: Weekly 4th Place! Over 50k views, the Dems take the House, what more can I ask? Yeeeeah!!!

Watch the new anime episode here on
Please, take some of your time to watch it on Newgrounds and vote 5.

1st part of a small trilogy. This is a return to Old School Miss Dynamite animation style. Kagome and Mizura are back as Eva and Blackie. Mizura also provides the voices of the Pu Sisters. Ice Wolf also returns as the voice of Al Qaeda lt. Zawahiri. Damonin provides some new "silly folk" music. There is an Easter Egg and it is really easy to find. The Pu Sisters will be back in the next episode.

Monday new anime, Thuesday elections

Just a reminder that Miss Dynamite XXI (episode title: The Pu Sisters) will be released this Monday, on November the 6th, around noon. The episode will be available here on and on Newgrounds for you to vote a big 5/5!

I also want to remind all Americans above the age of 18 that you have to vote on your MidTerm elections (find where to vote). A Democratic Congress could seriously fuck up Bush's plans for his remaining two years in office (and that would be good for everyone). And who knows, perhaps - we can dream - impeachement? (that's good for everyone, but less good for Bush) And if you didn't register to vote, well, what can I say? Move to Russia. (You can still register at the polling stations in Idaho, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Wyoming.)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anti-Gay Evangelical Leader Resigns After Accusations of Gay Affair

Ted Haggard, one of the most prominent and politically powerful evangelical pastors in the country, resigned today as president of the 30-million-member National Association of Evangelicals “amid allegations that he carried on a three-year sexual relationship with a male prostitute.”

Haggard has called homosexuality a “sin” and “devastating for the children of our nation and for the future of Western civilization.”

Via Think Progress

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

The guy there, the selection officer, he tells me:
"uh, I can see you don't like the army"
I don't like the army, I was interested in firearms.
Because, eh, it can always be usefull.
And I had, by the way, my hunting vest,
full of bullets of all calibers.
It was something with which I would go out in Bruxelle,
I had a certain success, because of virility by firearms.
Uh, fire at will.
And... I say, listen, look, I'm a firearm maniac.
And, I love the army. I love the army. I love the army.
He looks at me.
"But the army, yeah, well I was proposed to put you
in a non-armed section".
I said, no way! I said listen.
Let's be clear, let's be brief, let's explain ourselves.
The army exists to kill. That's clear.
I said, shit, what! The army exists to kill!
It's purpose is to kill.
To defend yourself you gotta *SQUEEK*
So I said, listen, I'm interested.
Because I want to become a professional killer.
I want to kill.
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
I love to kill by the way.
And I want you to teach me how to kill.
When I look at someone, he's gotta be cold.
And you can give me what you want. What you want.
Anything. Any action, but action please!
Because if there's no action... I kill, I...
I don't support authority.
I want to be THE killer, the one killer, the best killer.
I always want to kill.
Send me anywhere, I kill everyone!
There! But give me the means, teach me to kill, please.

The guy, was over there.
"Yeah, well, listen, mmmh, good, good, good".

I did 15 days in the mental ward of the military hospital.
Because, apparently, the army doesn't exist to kill.
It exists to peel potatoes, to waste your time.
And take out the garbage.

And then, they declared, and I had to sign papers, as to...
They did that to me, uh.
As to, even in times of war,
I wasn't allowed to carry firearms, to defend my country.
And that, I find disgusting.
Because if there's one guy who's gonna defend his country.
If there's only one.
If it's a Crout.
If it's a Russian.
If it's an American.
If he puts his foot on my lawn.
I'M icing him!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I can almost touch the sky!

Look who nearly reached the ceiling on her own.

Yeah, I know, those blinds need a good cleaning.

Maybe you should have learned to climb down before you went all the way up there?