Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Otakuthon 2007 - Location

My guest table will be located on the 2nd floor of the Henry F. Hall building (North) of Concordia University, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W. When you step off the escalator, you will see a Java U café at the end of the hall. The guest tables will be on the left of that café.

The panels. Webcomic: Saturday, 2pm-3pm, H-403 and Garage Anime: Sunday, 2pm-3pm, H-403. 4th floor of the same building. (I didn't see a 3rd floor...?) Just follow the room numbers.

Artist Alley, Art Gallert and Cosplay Café. 7th floor.

Intro post - Panels info - Otakuthon website.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Otakuthon 2007 - Panels

Otakuthon starts next Saturday and I have the schedule for the two panels I will host with Mark Sprague of Dragon Mango.

PANEL: Webcomic - Saturday, 2pm-3pm, H-403

PANEL: Garage Anime - Sunday, 2pm-3pm, H-403

Previous post - Otakuthon website.


Broken laptop

Anyone knows an easy way to fix the graphic card of a laptop without changing the motherboard? My friend gave me his old laptop but there's nothing on the screen. The repair guy told him it was the graphic card and he bought a new laptop instead of fixing it. I called my PC shop and they tell me they don't have any laptop motherboards.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nerd rage real life flame war

Perhaps you've heard of this idiot who got angry when a troll called him a nerd on the Internet? The nerd drove over 1300 miles to burn the troll's trailer, got arrested and gets 7 years in jail.

It gets better. Here's his DeviantArt page; his name is PYROdice... lol
In a July 20 entry, he says:
Hiatus - I'm really sorry all, but I'm going to be gone for a while... I'd love to read whatever comments come up by the time I'm back, but were talking months here. I can't really tell you anything about what I'm doing, but it won't be pleasant, and I'll be thinking of you all... Everyone be good... And to the girls... You're all more beautiful than you think when you're looking in the mirror. Yes you. Stop looking behind you. :D

Then a few days later.
vanishing awhile - Awright... this is the last you'll hear of me. I'm actually disappearing, I'm off the grid for around 9 1/2 months... Don't ask, I can't really tell you. :-(

It's gonna be a bit more than 9 months for arson...
While we're at it, his MySpace. And his Flickr album. He does look like a nerd, so I don't know what he got all emo... XD

Friday, July 27, 2007

DeviantArt Rule #249

I don't care since since I don't use the site, but it's good for a laugh. Remember that DevianTart used to delete images that depicted adult characters that were normaly underraged in the original media. That was the reason why Wagner was temp banned not long ago. Apparently some people complained that there was no such rules. So Deviantart just added one more rule to their cryptic regulations.
12. Fictional underage characters taken from popular television series, movies, or other sources will at all times be treated as being underage by staff regardless of attempts to claim the character is 18+ or have otherwise been "aged" past their minor status in order to be shown nude or in an erotic manner.

Seriously, guys, if you wanna draw porn and are too lazy to start your own website, move somewhere else. Like http://hartists.net/ for exemple. When they upgrade, it'll be just like DevianTart, but without incomprehensible censorship.

Edit: Yes, that means DA has killed rule 34.

Retarded eBay antics

My pal Liberal Avenger was selling these Miss Dynamite blotters on eBay (they do not contain LSD) and they were taken down because they were judged pornographic.
Miss Dynamite LSD Blotter Art Manga Anime Hentai

Adult material (material that's not appropriate for people under 18 years
old) can be listed in the Mature Audiences category only.

Items that are designed to sexually arouse, including adult anime and
hentai, are considered adult material.

Ok, there's some sexiness to this picture, but it's nothing to fap over. Unless you got one of those giant woman fetish you see on the Internets. I'm thinking they probably took it down because the tag said "hentai". But that means eBay didn't even look at the pic before taking it down. That means if you were selling a book titled "How to protect your children against pornography" it would be taken down.

And damn do I love really blurry rules like "designed to sexually arouse". Can you get more subjective than sexual arousal? Especialy on the Internet. People will jerk off to anyone or anything.

That's why I don't use eBay anymore. I got a bunch of auctions removed and then using the adult section was impossible so fuck it.

Anonymous on FOX News

Seems everyone but me has already seen this so it might not be new.

Sometimes I think the /b/tards go to far... BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FOX NEWS REPORT ON 4CHAN???? Is it real? I nearly fell of my chair when they cut to an exploding van while calling channers 'terrorists'. Holy shit!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I will be a guest* at Otakuthon, the Montreal anime convention, on August 4 & 5 (Saturday and Sunday) at Concordia University (1400 & 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.). The nearest Metro is Guy-Concordia. As the adress shows, there will be two halls on each side of the street; but if I remember correctly you can access both halls by an underground passage. I don't know yet in which hall I will be. I'll be selling the usual stuff, but probably no hentai.

I will also be hosting two panels with Mark Sprague of Dragon Mango about "garage" anime and webcomics. I don't know when, where or how yet.

(wtf! there's a panel on lolies...?! is it a trap by msnbc's to catch a predator? o_O and they told me not to bring my hentai but they host a pedo panel? cute not pedo, amirite? XD ah well lol)

Saturday August 4th, 2007 @ 10AM - 11PM
Sunday August 5th, 2007 @ 10AM - 8PM
Otakuthon website.
*That's right, GUEST! YEAH


Thursday, July 19, 2007

5 new pages of Sister Wulfia Focka

5 new pages of Sister Wulfia Focka available on Slipshine.net.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Comic Jam #30

This is one of the comic jams I made with my friends. As you'll see, it's a very sophisticated brand of humor...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hero Rats - fixed!

An NGO (herorats.org) is training rats to detect landmines. Some landmines use plastic to fool metal detectors, but a rat can smell the TNT. A rat is also a lot less likely to trigger the landmine than a bigger animal like a dog. PBS has made the Frontline documentary about these African rats available online here.
Edit: Link to video fixed.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Just finished a commission for a pregnant Pu Tang and I uploaded one of Blackie I did a while ago. I don't know who the father is... XD

Friday, July 13, 2007

We're gonna lose the war in Afghanistan

NATO, and that means us, are gonna lose the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

What was the point of going in there if the old fundamentalist order just comes back as it was before? The Taliban were never the objective anyway. We were supposed to catch or kill Bin Laden, or to a lesser extant his lieutenant, Zawahiri. And we know they're hiding in Waziristan, Pakistan; but nothing is being done. NATO forces will not enter Pakistan and the Pakistani security forces will not enforce the laws in Waziristan, so what's the point?

Canadian soldiers are dropping like flies in Khandahar, the former Taliban stronghold of Afghanistan. The Canadian army has the mandate to try to pacify the region until at least 2009 and perhaps longer. Prolonged military occupations are always a disaster, so what the hell are they thinking? The longer we fight the Talibans, the better they get at insurgency and guerrilla warfare. In fact, the Talibans have stopped attacking Canadian troop in direct combat, a losing strategy. They instead now use road side bombs. A tactic the Canadian commander in Afghanistan has complained to be cowardly. Somehow I doubt the Talibans will have pangs of conscience because our commanders got all emo. Complaining the enemy is using unfair tactics in guerrilla warfare is a sign you don't know what the fuck you're doing.

If the US wanted a show of force after 9/11 but didn't want to get rid of Osama, they just had to bomb Afghanistan and go home. It would have been more logical. And why is Canada suffering the heaviest casualties of NATO in Afghanistan? The Canadian government wanted to please the United States after our refusal to join the coalition of fucktards that went to Iraq. I guess joining one failed war is better than joining two. But why not none at all?

But it gets worse. The AP reports that more Afghani civilians are killed by allied bombs than by the Talibans. Forget about hearts and minds, we can't even seem to protect their limbs. And as William S. Lind mentioned recently, "calling in air [strikes against an insurgency] is the last, desperate, and usually futile action of an army that is losing".

For a while, supporters of the war in Afghanistan have said that we shouldn't confuse the war in Iraq with the one in Afghanistan. That opposition to Iraq does not equal opposition to Afganistan since they are two different missions. While Iraq was about lies, Afghanistan was indeed a haven for AlQaeda. And the Talibans were guilty of crimes against humanity or close enough. And I don't disagree with that. Would eliminating the Taliban with extreme prejudice be a worthy cause? Fuck yeah! Is bringing democracy to an oppressed people a noble cause? That too. But to do that, you need to win the war. Whether there is such a thing as a just war is irrelevant if you don't win that war in the first place. A lost war is never just or fair to the loser. And in the Canadian context, the fact is the only ones at war are the soldiers in Khandahar. What sacrifices are the Canadian people doing to win this conflict? The Canadian government tells us this war is important, but they don't tell us to win it. And from what I see in the United States, I suspect the same goes for other NATO allies. The Talibans can stay forever in Afghanistan; we can't. It doesn't matter that the Talibans are fighting for a disgusting ideal, nationalism is always stronger than democracy.

Why don't the Canadian government raise a war tax to support the war effort?
With the money raised we could build more schools than the Talibans have bombs. But the government, especially the Conservatives who are in a minority position, would not risk its next election by raising taxes. And the Canadian citizens simply have no stake in Afghanistan that would be worth taxing. There are many countries that are poor and oppressed. One more or one less won't affect the programming on cable TV or won't stop the suburban grass from growing. In other words, nobody cares. And you can't win a war nobody cares about. And unless your survival lays in the balance, you don't enter a war you can't win.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sleepy rats

What's going on here?!

Aaaw, sleepy rat!

It's like I can't photograph them both sleeping at the same time. They must have a relay system.

omgs, Eli in the fetal position, that's too cute for this website... o_o

Monday, July 09, 2007

YouTube Hommage - Foamy and Miss Dynamite

Sorry for the lack of content, I haven't even had time to start working on the next anime episode yet. :p Anyway, Tenten found this hommage to Miss Dynamite and Foamy on YouTube the other day.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Wagner banned from DeviantArt -Updated

Wagner got banned from DeviantArt (permanently). No surprise there, it was just a question a time. The thing that would really bug me if it was my gallery though, is that DeviantArt has kept his gallery intact. That means DA will keep making money from the ad revenues made when people visit Wagner's gallery. I'm glad I pissed DA enough for them to trash my entire gallery.
Edit: and meanwhile, the neo-Nazis (ANSU) still have their club on DA. :-/

Update: For unknown reasons, Wagner is now unbanned. People might cheer, but don't go thinking DevianTart has changed.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Little Nezha Fights Great Dragon Kings

I saw this cartoon only once, some 20 years ago on TV. This Chinese animation from 1979 tells the story of Nezha (pronounced "Ni yah"), a human prince who looks like an asian drag-queen who picks up a fight with evil dragons. It's a great kid's film, but it wouldn't have marked me so much but for one fucked up scene. (Spoiler: The dragon gods ask the king for his son's life, but he is incapable of killing him. Seeing his friend's suffer the dragon's wrath, Nezha picks up his father's sword and cuts his own throat.) There's quite obviously an analogy to communism in there, with The People fighting against the corrupt gods. The english dubbing isn't very good.
Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7
When you have three heads, four arms, wheels of fire, a magic scarf and a spear, you can't cannot kick some ass. The shocking scene is in part 5 if you can't wait.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers review

There might be spoilers, but not really; there's nothing to spoil.

Don't let the rumor that the Transformers movie is not as bad as everyone thought it would be, ('specialy for a Bay film) fool you. Remember when Dungeons & Dragons: the movie came out and all the D&D fanboys were saying it didn't suck that much, until a year later they had to admit it was an abomination? I think we're seeing the same thing with the TF fanboys.

Yes, this movie IS bad. But worse, it's boring. An action flick can get away with a sucky story, but not if the action sequences are boring. I don't know why people say that the story doesn't matter because it's Micheal Bay. And with Bay, it's all about the mind blowing action. Seriously? I'm sorry, but Bay can't direct a fight sequence for his dear life. I'm sure he's good at directing commercials (and yeah, I know the irony that Transformers is a 2 hours toy ad), but not fights and combat. Now mix that with the design flaws of the Autobots and Decepticons and you've got one long boring action sequence where you don't know who is who. The new designs look like big piles of junkyard. It's as if Rob Liefield got a job at ILM building 3d models. Too much details, no personalities. The old G1 designs were probably outdated, but the new ones are just worse. At one point an Autobot gets killed by Megatron, but I couldn't even tell who it was because most Transformers are designed like grey masses of scrap metal in their robot form (later it turned out the slain robot was Jazz, the token black guy). The designs have no personality and neither do their own personalities. You don't really give a damn about these robots. The only one who you really notice is Frenzy (the radio) and that's only because he's annoying as fuck.

If at least the action had been exciting, the stupid story wouldn't be so obvious. The Autobots are looking for a pair of glasses on which Megatron inscribed the location of the Allspark cube, with which the Decepticons can conquer the world. Problem is, the Autobots where not present when Megatron inscribed the location of the Allspark cube on the glasses. So how the hell do the Autobots know that?? Then at the end Optimus tells Sam (the human hero) that if they can't stop the Decepticons, he needs to shove the Allspark cube in his chest, which will destroy Optimus, but the cube as well. That's supposed to be the moral of the story about sacrifice. But Sam shoves the cube in Megatron, which kills the bad guy's boss and saves the day. If there was no need for sacrifice, why didn't Optimus tell him to shove the cube in Megatron?? That makes Prime's willingless to sacrifice his life meaningless.

So to conclude, as unlike what TF fans feared, Micheal Bay didn't rape my childhood. He bored it to death.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canada Day

The Logdriver's Waltz

The video quality is better on the french version here. Both sung by Kate & Anna McGarrigle.