Friday, June 30, 2006

Dynomite Wacom Power Glove!

Ok, maybe not...
One thing that always bugged me about the Wacom graphic tablet, is that you're drawing on plastic. The plastic pen on the plastic sheet covering the tablet works smoothly enough, the problem is the hand. When skin is in contact with plastic, it tends to sweat after a minute. Then your hand starts to stick to the tablet and it's not as smooth as when you draw or ink on paper.

My first solution was to put a sheet of paper on the tablet. You do loose some of the sensibility of the pen, but the gained smoothness compensates for it.

Now the problem is that the sheet of paper needs to be kept in place. You can scotch tape it, but that'll leave sticky glue marks on your tablet. And in summer, when you use a fan to cool yourself off, your sheet of paper will have a tendency to fly away.

Now I think it's in a Star Wars "making of" that I saw someone using its tablet with a cloth. So I thought of something similar. A cheap all-purpose glove from the Dollarama. Cut the glove at the three first fingers otherwise you won't have enough grip on the pen. Now my hand doesn't stick to the tablet and there's nothing between the tablet and the pen.

It doesn't really change anything to my drawings. It'll just be more conveniant.

Edit: RSJ says I should market them as "Wacom Gloves". And since they're made in China by most likely underpaid workers, there would be much profits!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I helped Bush and all I got was molested

A close friend of Karl Rove, GOP political consultant Carey Lee Cramer made the news in 2000 with a dishonest commercial attacking Clinton and Gore.
Cramer’s repugnant TV ad showed a young girl picking daisy petals and ends with a nuclear blast, a remake of a 1964 ad that helped focus attention of what a kook and extremist Barry Goldwater was when he ran for president. Cramer’s ad made national news, though he refused to admit that he got the money for the commercial from Rove and Bush.

Interestingly, one of the girls he used in the ad was one of his rape victims. She lived with Cramer and his ex-wife for 8 years in Mercedes and McAllen in Texas. Cramer started molesting her when she was only 8 years old. (Do you know what they do in prison to dirty Republican men who molest little children?) Anyway, the inappropriate touching escalated to all sorts of Limbaugh/O'Reilly-like perversions and, finally, serial rape. On top of that, a second young girl, a 15 year old, came forward and also testified that the Republican slime bucket also molested her.

I often mentioned people who help this wingnut administration are getting skrewed, I didn't think it was literally. And I didn't think it extended to little children.

Via Down With Tyranny!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New color pinup

Another pinup colored by Kanuto.

Also, today I bought a bigger cage for the rats. I then took the old cage and fixed it on top of the new one. Result, an even bigger cage.

Monday, June 26, 2006

More sexy sketches + fanart

Here's a preview of a small pinup sketch book I'm working on. It should be ready for the convention in Toronto. And yes, it will probably be sold online after. I'm just not sure if it will be possible to buy it with Paypal though. Or otherwise *cough* sell it on a "ask me about it" basis. But that's just between you and me.

And here's more real life drawing of bossomy Japanese models. Why only Japanese models? Cuz' I can't find anything else, I swear! X-D Seriously though, all the other photobooks I find, the models are all sticking things in their punani and I'm aiming for something more soft core (for once).

Add to this a fanart from Kiki!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

JingJing and ChaCha

JingJing and ChaCha are the People's Republic of China's Internet police mascots.

Their job is to remind Chinese web-surfers not to do any crazy shit. Like speak their mind for exemple.

Here I thought they could also remind people to only fap to hentai approved by the government. NSFW

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My First YouTube

Late Spring cleaning

I decided to take a picture of my office since it was cleaner than it's ever been and probably ever will be for a while from now.

New pinup + guest colorist

I'm working on a pinup sketchbook revolving around the Miss Dynamite universe. It will be in black and white, but Kanuto colored one of the sketches, so here's preview.
NSFWish (full ass nudity)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Opera 9 is out!

Version 9.0 of the Opera web browser is out!

New promissing features in Opera 9 include:
  • A BitTorrent application.
  • Edit preferences to specific websites.
  • A content blocker.
  • Thumbnail preview of your tabs.
  • Widgets.

As for already existing features:
  • An easy to use feed reader (for Miss Dynamite updates).
  • Better and easier navigation
  • Better tab browsing (yes, better than Firefox).
  • A pop-up blocker.
  • And Opera is the best program to browse and download porn! (I'm not kidding, check this out)
And for Nintendo fans, the Wii will be using Opera to browse these Internets. That means porn on your Nintendo! lol

The only thing that bugs me is they changed the New Tab key from Crtl+N to Crtl+T. Which is logical though.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comments allowed in gallery

Godamit, I've been looking for something like this for the past two months, ever since I got banned from DeviantArt. Sure, I have my own gallery, but people couldn't post comments. I tried to install plugins to my gallery program that would allow comments. But they all required MySQL editing. I tried on my own and I sucked, then I searched around for people that could help me (thanks to Pr0ntab for at least trying), then I needed to get a hold of the owner of my webspace, which isn't easy. So basicaly, in two months, as much as I tried (I wasted an entire day last month for that), I did squat!

Until today, when my friend KpAnime found this nice little PHP script that logs comments, without the help of MySQL. After two unsuccesfull tries, I thought I had wasted my time again (I was supposed to go to the bank, oops!), she finally was able to make it work and guided me through the process. So now, if you check the gallery, you will find you can now post comments!

I will not put comments on all the older pics, that would mean too much editing.
As far as new fanarts go, I'm not sure if I will allow comments on all pics, or only on individual pics when artists requests so.

Thanks KpAnime!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Anyone ever heard of ?

I got an e-mail from them about providing content for cellphone users. Like for exemple, people who want to send Miss Dynamite animation through SMS messages (or so I think).

I'm sure it's an automated message or a copy/paste, kinda half a spam. So I'm sure other animators, most likely on Newgrounds, have receive it.

Anyone has any info on them?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stolen Miss Dynamite theme?

Hey man,

I don't know who made the Ms. Dynamite music, but there is music that Cartoon Network plays during Toonami that sounds really similar.

Just wanted to let you know, man.


I don't have access to the Cartoon Network. Anyone has more info on this?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fanarts from Professor Fate and Kai v3.0

3 pics from Prefessor Fate + 1 from Kai v3.0

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sexy real life sketches

5 pages of a sketch.

I wish I had time to practice more often.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Miss Dynamite XX animation completed

Do not click if you want only to see the final product.
Miss Dynamite XX - Sister Dynamite
The animation part of the next anime episode is done. There's shots I'm not enterily satisfied with, but I'm not a perfectionist, so it's done!
The voice acting, scoring and sound editing remains to be done. I have no time frame, but it could be done in a month from now.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Is that how helicopters are made?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sun Tzu and the dangers of occupation

I remember my first post about Sun Tzu pissed off the wingnuts, let's see if I can continue.

I've been re-reading The Art of War recently and was reminded how some 2000 years ago, Sun Tzu was already warning lords and generals about military occupation.

From Chapter II: Waging War
2. When provisions are transported for a thousand li expenditures at home and in the field, stipends for the entertainment of advisers and visitors, the cost of materials such as glue and lacquer, and of chariots and armour, will amount to one thousand pieces of gold a day. After this money is in hand, one hundred thousand troops may be raised.
Read more »

New fanart by Kanuto

Monday, June 05, 2006

Cats and rats

Actually, just one cat.

This must be the neighbor's new cat, because he was on the front balcony and you can only access it through one of the appartments.

That crazy mofo tried to jump at my window.

"Someone said something about a cat?"

Here's two cat treats that cat won't get.

Conservative Family Values part II

Let's start with the Bush family.

George W: Admitted boozehound and former playboy. Reportedly had a drug and alcohol problem.Rumors of cavorting with Mexican prosititutes and paying for one abortion

George H.W.: Reportedly chased hookers during his oil days. Hired mistress to work in White House

Jeb: Reported estranged from wife, rumors of affairs with several women, including Katharine Harris.

George P.: Arrested for driving on lawn of ex-girlfriend's family

Barbara: Reportedly consorts with homosexuals, reported drug use,arrested for underage drinking

Jenna: Reported drug use, multiple abortions,consorts with homosexuals, public drunkeness.

Soro: Divorced, consorts with homosexuals-dated David Drier for year.

Neilsie: Whoremonger, adulterer, cheated on wife with mother's help. Ex-wife had to threaten blackmail to get divorce settlement

Laura: Reputed marijuana dealer,killed boyfriend while driving

GOP officials

Dick Cheney: Consorts with homosexuals, shot man in hunting accident

Lynne Cheney: Wrote novel praising homosexuality, consorts with homosexuals

Karl Rove: Reportedly has a mistress

Ken Mehlman: Consosrts with homosexuals, when asked about being heterosexual, he refused to discuss it.

Michael Scanlon: Cheated on girlfriend

Newt Gingrich: Filed for divorce from first wife while she was being treated for cancer, divorced second wife while she was being treated for cancer, married third wife who was 29 at the time. Wrote book on christian marriage with second wife.

Robert Ray: former Clinton prosecutor, charged wih stalking girlfriend while he was married.

Bill Bennett: Degenerate gambler, rumored to be client of dominatrix

Rudy Giuliani: Serial adulterer,married third cousin, consorts with homosexuals, paid off first mistress with high paying city job, married second mistress. Told wife of seperation via New York newspapers. Removed security team from children. Introduced mistress on Mother's Day 2000. Called wife "greedy pig" for seeking just settlement.

Claude Allen: Arrested in shoplifting scam, rumored to consort with homosexuals

Jeff Gannon: Manwhore

Randy Cunningham: reportedly held parties where prosititutes were on offer

Dusty Foggo: Reportedly attend prostitute parties

Porter Goss: Also attended parties

Frank Figueroa: Accused of masturbating in front of 16 year old girl

GOP Politicians

Don Sherwood: choked mistress

John Spencer: impregnated staff member while married, accused of bigamy by opponent.

Bob Livingston: Left house under cloud,rumored client of domninatrix

Henry Hyde: had mistress

Joe Scarbough: staffer turns up dead in office

Jack Ryan: tried to force actress wife to have sex in Parisian sex club

Jim West: closeted homosexual. Tried to hire intern for homosexual relations

Rick Perry: rumored to consort with homosexuals

Dan Burton: had illegitimate child with mistress

John Schmitz: former Congressman, serial adulterer and possible insectuous father. Daughter,Mary Kay LeTourneau abandoned four kids and husband to have a sexual affair with a 12 year old boy, whom she was impregnated by and later married.

Bill Thomas: adulterer with lobbyist

From Steve Gilliard

And a funny phone conversation at AmericaBlog.
AMERICAblog reader Bill writes in about his phone call to Senator Crapo's office (R-ID) this afternoon:

Is Senator Crapo in favor of traditional marriage?
-Yes he is, he's a cosponsor of the bill.
-He is? Can you tell me if he masturbates?
-I could not tell you that.
-Can you tell me, do you masturbate?
-I cannot tell you that either.
-Can you tell me, does he commit sodomy, analingus, cunnilingus or fellatio?
-What is the purpose of this questioning?
-It's regarding his views on traditional marriage.
-Okay, he supports the bill.
-Yes, but could you tell me does he commit sodomy?
-I could not give you an answer on that.
-Is he willing to pledge that he has not or will not commit sodomy?
-I could not answer that.
-Has he ever had sex before or outside of marriage?
-Again, sir, what is the point of this questioning?
-It's regarding traditional marriage and how far his support goes.
-Any one of those questions I could not answer.
-Have you ever had sex outside of marriage?
-Again, I will not answer that.
-It's nobody's business, right?
-That's right.
-Okay, thank you.

Pissed Eva, from Miss Dynamite XX

I was previewing a shot I had just completed and when I pressed stop, it stopped on this frame. I liked it, so I took a snapshot. She look plenty pissed.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Call for Help (not a call for help)

I just talked on the phone to Leo Laporte from Call for Help and asked him if magnets can cause a loss of data on USB thumb drives.

The answer is no, USB thumb drives aren't affected by magnets. But what's cool is they did something I was afraid of doing, which is testing this theory. They sticked a USB thumb drive to a magnet for a while and the data was kept intact.

It was pretty weird talking to Leo. It feels like you're watching TV but then the host answers if you talk to him. And I think my accent wasn't too thick. Too bad I couldn't plug my website, hehe!

I don't know when it will air though. And I probably won't have cable anymore when it does. But I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Subway drawing

There were empty seats in the subway, so I was able to make to squigly drawings.